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tv   CCII 11717 Comm. On Community Investment and Infrastructure  SFGTV  January 22, 2017 10:40am-12:01pm PST

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the report. it is well done as always. and being very timely and we are ready to adjourn our hearing. the hearing is closed. [meeting adjourned] good aftern 2:40 p.m. this is is special meeting of the time special meeting and special meeting time felt investment and infrastructure the successor
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agency commission to the san francisco museum of modern art well in the members of the public madam secretary call the first item. >> the first order of business roll call commissioners, please respond when i call your name. commissioner pimentel commissioner bustos is absent commissioner singh commissioner moore madam chair rosales commissioner bustos is absent and all other members of the commission are present madam clerk, any other business before this e the next order of business the next meeting will be reeled held at city hall room 416 b and announcements of prohibited electronics at the meeting please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones, code are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room
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meeting room responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic devices. c in a moment of time nominate to address the commission unless the commission adopts a shorter period on any item. it is strongly recommended that any member of the public any member of the public wishes to address the commission fill out a speaker card and submit it to the commission secretary. the next order of business is item 3 report on actions taken at a previous closed session no reportable actions the next order of business is matter of unfinished business no matters of unfinished business madam chair. >> thank you at this time i think it would be appropriate to take one of the items out of sequence we can hear from our executive director and have her present a report to
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the commission. >> please. thank you, madam chair good afternoon, commissioners occ staff and members of the public thank you for being here it is bittersweet commissioners that i report to you and the members of the public after 17 years of serving this incredible city of san francisco both as a staffer and a redevelopment agency at the at office of economic workforce development and after 5 years of your city i'm leaving the city to purview other opportunities i've been just accepted a position as general manager to head up the san francisco development office will purview the urban revitalization and public-private partnership with the work i love and have loved
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being here in this great city we've accomplished so much together and i look out at the members of the public and the public and the great leadership from the commission great times of uncertainty what the successor agency will mean we've collective wus of our hard working and our colleagues a number of colleagues that have moved on and the hard work with the redevelopment agency and this commission to led us and help to contribute this this incredible city with the incredible affordable housing and providing great stabilization and accelerate shotgun the staff collectively working very, very hard to extend the great community in mission bay and the south of market and the hunters point to
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make it something that everyone can be proud of and we're doing it together because of your leadership housing people that need to be housed why their certificate of preference holders or people 0 displaced or people struggled or putting the cart before the horse residents we are do doing that collectively with your strong leadership those who work on the job and permanent end construction side really lifting people up and helping to list of san francisco i look forward to bringing that spirit to lend-lease and working many this capacity with all of you there is an exit report that certainly is here available for members of the public and on our website really talking about our key activities in all the areas in each of our major projects the millions and millions of dollars
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for small businesses and contractors and professional services to this leadership from this commission and the great work of the staff to make that happen and allow me to be up here representing them we have grown as an organization and i think grown for the better and you all although i'm leaving the current capacity you're all the future of the organizations and have learned so much from every single one of you and look forward to working with you if a breeder new capacity so i'm certainly available for any questions a couple of other core announcements we have warriors groundbreaking today, many of you were there and happy to report this morning the lawsuit brought by the mission bay alliance is done the california
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supreme court 0 threw it you'll we're truly done sow thank you for your hard work and a that concludes my report. >> thank you first of all, the protocol we need to request if there's any speaker cards. >> no speaker card. >> any member of the public at this time - yes. >> mr. washington. >> mr. washington yes. >> coming forward and speak on the executive director's report before we entertain yes go ahead. >> (inaudible). >> good afternoon, commissioners. >> good afternoon. >> my name is oscar james i put a card in on a; right? >> uh-huh. >> but anyway, it is sad too
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see you go and ms. bowie i've been here since you came i've seen commissioners and directors come all the way down back to justin herman over some 45 years plus in 1964 when we first came i seen a lot of them come and go you're one of the jewels to this agency and have been whoever gets. >>the company that got you they're lucky they're really lucky jim morales was a jewel was a director but you topped a lot of the directors who have been on that in this seat and your doesn't to the did community has
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been i'm going to us you've been a blessing to us like i said wherever you going hunters point if you have any problems and we don't mind standing on different tables we'll sit on your table thank you very much >> thank you please state your name for the record. >> certainly madam chair michael i actually operate the ship office and for the record thank you very much your leadership tiffany a joy going back i don't know how many years before you were at this post and your diligent hard work at the mayor's office just want to say thank you thank you for all your hard work and been consistent
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and fair and sad to see you go but glad for your endeavors thank you. >> thank you. >> well, well, well. >> everybody is so cheerful no, but i'm just happy to be here to witness ms. bohe she's been around so long i'm here indefinite to give her all the act madz as a person that goes back to the director we give him hell mr. hell and the rest of the directors but for the record since ms. bohe has been here from occ but redevelopment
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agency it's been a wonderful experience this is her day and my name is you have my stamp of approval if you need someone i'll try to get on the case but commend you for what you've done because you've been here in san francisco i've seen you in different agencies to where you are now, one for the record want to say god bless you and whatever very lucky and blessed to have you on broad. >> correct. >> you answered me that's the first time. >> thank you very much thank you. >> any other speakers seeing
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none, commissioners don't anybody want to offer a comment or question since we have a report commissioner singh. >> like yesterday when i saw tiffany you know we met you and me and it was fantastic you came to work here with us and we're going to miss you a lot. >> yeah. >> commissioner pimentel. >> thank you thank you for all your hard work we're going to miss you commissioners i'm happy for you moving into - >> commissioner mondejar. >> well tiffany wow. it's been 5 years and with me on the board and 5 years i've known you and thank you for basically guiding me as a commissioner in
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understanding the language of our commission from block whatever to parcel whatever (laughter). >> and all the other projects that were confusing in the beginning for me want to thank you for helping me understand our role and also for shepherding the project under our jurisdiction and the personal you you know gowns and feedback that you've given us as a commissioner being more effective and thank you for doing that and thank you for all your work for the deputies and contracts and partners in this project ii think you've done a great job in making sure this
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commission is a no drama commission and wish you the best in ours next career venture with the officer said earlier that lend-lease will be lucky to have you, your bringing this water of background and experience to this organization so hope you're still available for us in some capacity you'll be on the other side if you do come back thank you and good luck with our next venture in your career. >> i know we'll have other items but echo what the commission has said and i think that commissioner bustos were here he would have a longer experience with you, of course, but thank you for always being available always being creative,
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problem soefrlz in the early years as i was learning the ropes, if you will, no question was dump you were always there and provided i think the kinds of support but also the understanding of our role and as commissioners to help guide all of the us to protect the policies but at the same time support you in your role as a manager so i think unfortunately, your leaving but leaving the commission i think in good hands over the course not only our general council will continue to guide us but i've said the staff is one of the harder working staff in the city commends you and them for
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working hard for the agency i think that not only do we honor you but have to recognize that no manager is can do everything alone like the staff that allows the manager to shine that's my experience i want to thank you and the folks not here and wish you the very best in you're next job and career. >> so we'll continue this love festive in the next item. >> most of questions have substantive questions. >> sometime she can come to help us you know. >> i said, "yes you've heard me speak about the rain trust and i do think that there maybe times we may need to come back to understand something i'm sure
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so, yes. >> that's good. >> okay (laughter) yes don't worry. >> let's give her a hand. >> yes. to everybody. >> (clapping.) >> so this item didn't require any action we can continue to the next item, please. >> the next order of business is item 5 matters of new business consistently of extent no items next 5 a commending and expressing presentation for director bohe as the executive director of the investment and infrastructure decision and action resolution one 17 madam director. >> gosh i'm quite honored but
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were i won't say much i'm a little bit tongue-tied being here and but i'll defer to the chair the commissioners. >> thank you. >> we have before us a appropriately long resolution because someone with the years of experience and the accomplishments as you tiffany can't leave without the record reflecting all the accomplishment of the book it was reduced to 3 pages so do the commissioners have - now is that appropriate the commissioners to read the resolution okay. >> so can i ask it would be nice rather than one commissioner reading it they
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take turns to read through that. >> it is a few yes, it certainly. >> (laughter). >> it's up to you you're the vice chair can kickoff. >> okay. so i'll wait to turn on any - >> so this is a resolution number one danish 2017 commending and expressing the appreciation for director bohe upon her depart time from the san francisco museum of modern art in objectivity 2011 the redevelopment agency of the city and county of san francisco appointed tiffany bohe as the executive director by anonymous vote she was the first woman of african-american and filipino heritage to head the agency in
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san francisco history on february 1st, 2012, sf r a was dissolved by exponentially and to the successor agency now money as this is community investment and infrastructure or occ this demanding and transition facing the agencies throughout the state of california was skill at the shepherded by ms. bohe ms. bohe steadier the agency to the economic development solution protecting the disadvantaged community recently she announced here resignation in occ to be general manager for development in the san francisco land leans one of
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the world's international property and infrastructure provide providers. >> you want to skip and whereas throughout her tenure has great compassion and a vision awhile public defender occ community and investment and infrastructure and physical development in the community worked diligently for policies to uplift san francisco with jobs and connective development and ms. bohes reflected in her 17 years of service to san francisco first in her capacity with sf r a as a project manager on the south bay and the office of economic workforce development as project developer responsible for the negotiating of the
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hunters point shipyard candle stick point and hallmark contribution the most expensive community benefits in sharing mall moth projects more than 4 thousand unit 1/3rd will be sold and millions of commercial space to the southeast portion of the ci city. >> you can speak. >> whereas ms. bohe committed to occ mission with unwavering she vigorously purified the preservation of progress under her leadership occ received inclusive determination by the state of california that occ has an impossible obligation to
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pursue the completion of the project and furthermore led the effort for the state system to recapture $314 million in funds that ocii had dedicated to community economic development and housing projects and programs including one and $10 million in affordable housing fund and $204 million in other community development funds accommodating in the state $303 million of those funds should arranging retain with occ in order to fulfill the community economic development and affordable housing commitment. >> whereas ms. bohe to equitable development is
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rehabilitated in our stewardship over the last 5 years that the organization in san francisco never would bring much needed affordable housing to fruition under her leadership ocii affordable housing program has delivered one thousand one hundred and 91 affordable housing units providing homes for more than seven hundred san franciscans in addition ms. bohe commitment to affordable housing has exerted in robust and inclusionary housing with the occ and other one and 58 affordable units under construction and another one and 46 units in predevelopment and - and madam chair may i ask
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deputy oh, general council and deputy director and brea to read help us read the many whereas. >> jim you want to go next. >> whereas in candle stick point mr. bohe oversee the approvals of the france as a catalytic with the revitalization project and the infrastructure work necessary to support that incredibly important project and ms. bohe directed the approval for the construction of the candle stick that allows for the candle stick point park into a residential development and - >> whereas at at hunters point shipyard mr. bohe had the first transfer of navy land that will
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be transformed into job generating uses and parks and other benefits she championed the homeowner and individuals and families that were displaced by the sf r a in the 1960 and other low income residents and - >> whereas in mission bay ms. bohe has assured the hi equality mixed homes were bringing the development under ever or along the infrastructure to the thrilling neighborhood and led ocii to bring the golden state warriors in the mixed use projects that in the groundbreaking on that day. >> whereas ms. bohe lead the development of public parcels in transbay was generated over 4 hundred millions in critical
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funding for the city transbay transit center and will result in a dynamic new mixed use community down in san francisco and - >> and whereas bohe spearheaded ocii for the mission project and government and innovative mixed use high-rise residential projects with xauf new homes of the mexican museum and that yerba buena island the urban mixed use space will approve the properties cultural and performance a child development center and public
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open space will remain tlooifrlt place for residents and visitors for many generations to come and . >> whereas ms. bohe contracted the employment and construction contractors to do the part of ocii economic community and affordable housing development work during ms. bohe tenure she spearheaded economic benefits for the small business community with one billion dollars posh small business and over 5 thousand construction jobs and . >> whereas ms. bohe has a latin and monumental housing for the building in san francisco through her leadership and support and serving the legislation simulate bill one 07
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from gosh to provide ocii with a financing tools more affordable housing commitment across all the major development projects as well as funds for ocii open space park in transbay and prior to the pga the senate bill one 07 the bonds for the critical work programs faced lightwell uncertainty, however, ms. bohe worked tooels tirelessly with mayor ed lee to make sure that ocii would have the tools it needs to deliver on the candidates to san franciscans now and for many years to come and - >> jim the last whereas. >> whereas ms. bohe has been a effective and dedicated leader and public servant her depth of
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knowledge and dedication and collaborative spirit along with her good humor has served her well and makes her highly respected and therefore, be it resolved. >> the community investment on behalf of the san franciscans and the recognition of her services to the investment and infrastructure does by this resolution express that tiffany has the sincere appreciation and best wishes in all her future endeavors. >> (clapping.) >> before we can entertain a motion this is an action item any speaker cards. >> yes. oscar james and
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corinne woods. >> good afternoon, commissioners tiffany jim my name is corinne woods i chair the mission bay citizens advisory committee i have known and worked with tiffany for 17 years. >> jesus. >> when she first came in as the project manager to mission bay she's been a terrific asset to redevelopment and ocii and she's been a stall warmth champion of mission bay all along we didn't know what we were doing we never done anything like this and learned as we went along and
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tiffany learned a lot and learned quickly she's leaves us with a very good project team and good back up on the ocii staff we're grateful we still need help and have to integrate the warriors into mission bay and look at the eliminator management of mission bay park and need the help and this just seems like every time we turn around there is something new like the school in mission bay we have to work on and we're going to be very, very sorry to see you leave i think as i say you're leaving us in good shape a lot of people here knows what that is about and the best of luck to you.
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>> thank you. >> any other member of the public would like to speak - yes state your name for the record. >> thank you sally deputy director tiffany there is so much i can say so valued our time together with the true collaboration and heard a lot today at the amazing ceremony for the warriors and you had a dream and vision for the agency we had no idea what our future would be i felt your confidence we'll be okay we'll get through it and we did i also learned from you it takes more than a vision but the energy to do it you have be a doer and get in and roll up your sleeves
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everybody loves to say the the devil is in the details but that's where the greatness is you're a true friend and i value our time together and look forward to you're next venture and share that with you thank you . >> (clapping.) >> okay. we cannot do this i cry but (laughter) yes. >> deputy director of finance and administration as the finance deputy words will not fit in this spreadsheet my 3 things i love about tiffany in the spreadsheet i love the fact your could not have and can think really, really big i blame
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this crying on sally - >> (inaudible). >> (laughter). >> so i love the fact you always have an incredible controlled details but can stretched and not a doer not that many people can take us over the finish line and put the nail in the coffin i appreciate your dedication that's what public service is and something else he started a year one half going ago i think this place is crazy before i got here the day i started had i not known the difficult history i
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thought you he was on a perfectly. >> right ship and goshgs and someone felt the smooth waters it had nodding that all the years prior so thank you very much for setting the ship right so all of us can continue sailing in the right direction. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> okay. here comes another cryer i'm the h.r. manager at the ocii i like to thank you for the opportunity to share a few thoughts from the moment i started at ocii in august of 2015 you tiffany provided mentorship in my role and challenged me to do my best and our history exceptions pushed me
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to excel he had my first project for that i'm thankful how we grow we have a duty as public servants to do our best for the community person thank you for your support during lives up and down from marriage to family challenges your care and support given me means the world to me thank you for your services to the city of san francisco and i know you'll do great things in the future. >> (clapping.) >> another. >> okay everybody has to keep it together otherwise i'll not keep it together when i started at the agency when it was the redevelopment agency in 2008, tiffany was part of my working
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relationship i worked in the bay area and she worked on the entitlement for the shipyard and meeting went to 1 afghanistan or midnight and intense meeting and actively you can't say i didn't was amazing to watch during the entitlement period of the shipyard i worked on two projects you previously worked an mission bay and shipyard and this was a big task i think that i mean a lot of people have reiterated paying attention to the detail and it is amazing i can walk in the office and she'll say did you look at page 27 of the redevelopment plan with a photographic memory i know she's close by and great working but all the years and made the staff greater employees
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holding yourself to high standards and everybody else to those standards thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is april senior sensual in fact, i met tiffany in 2000 i don't know where to begin i'll start off by saying thank you, thank you for not being just a colleague but a friend you were a colleague at the my wedding and baby showers and advised me to earn my degree and congratulated me when i got it you became the executive director you were a person that took me under your wing that's because of i serve the position i have today throughout any career two organization to the exit interviews and now we'll do
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one of the harder this is the last exit interview with that said, it is hard to say good by to a colleague i'll miss you and sad my enjoy ride working with you has come to an end thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good afternoon executive director bohe and commissioners senior project manager for the hunters point shipyard and candle stick point on behalf of the hunters point shipyard team tiffany i wanted to let you know how they've we are that you have lead by example with the office of economic workforce development and ocii showing how development really can be community driven
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and on the shipyard we take that to heart we're looking forward to implementing and delivering some many of the community projects and make sure they man's for the bayview and making this project shine i want to speak for myself for a moment i got into the work because of how transformative work can be with a community led and it is so much easier to come to work and an honor when that spirit is reflected in the leadership of an organization from the top down alters ocii so thank you for making our job easier out of respect and we appreciate your leadership and commitment i know you'll do wonderful things and incredibly happy you're not going far and take up your
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generous offer you'll help us at ocii thank you. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> hi good afternoon jeff white housing project manager tiffany i have fond memories in 2006, we shared a cubicle wall that's when you were 13 years old (laughter) and yeah had lots of fun and conversations and other doors opened for you, we were no longer neighbors at this point and recently ocii has been helped from our amazing support from the affordable housing program and relent less
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dedication and hard work and much of which has already been said but phenomenal to work with you with that vision you're always on the prize the strong negotiating skills and also on behalf of the permit holder affordable housing staff just gratitude for that leadership that you provided and like hanson said i'm glad you're not going far we know where to find you thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioners ma'am, executive director. >> my name is gabriel ross i've been outside council with the candle stick point shipyard for almost my entire career from the beginning tiffany you've
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shown me to serve the public to have both the commitment to the ideals and the care for all the details that are required to take this giant 20, 30 year project and move forward every single day and every page of every document matters because it matters to the public and always maertdz to tiffany and i couldn't do the work i do now if tiffany hadn't been teaching me that every day of my career the idea that tiffany is leaving the agency and i just don't think this is right i don't think that every time someone opens their front door and comes home and walks to one of our parks and open space and walks along the waterfront tiffany brown will be
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in the neighborhoods and parks and she'll be throughout the city that she served for all this time she's not going away and we should thank her everyday for that. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good afternoon. mark aim the project sponsor for mission bay do we have anything here you've been incredible and for mission bay making my life easier i really appreciate everything you've done and also kind of time for me to change the career but the team you put together when you gave our announcements you were leaving the amount of people that raised their hand you've brought on this is a pleasure to come to work thank
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you very much. >> thank you . >> (clapping.) >> good afternoon, commissioners and executive director bohe tiffany i want to say a heartfelt thank you for your leadership and combines over the last 5 and a half years especially during a difficult time with the solution and to say that you'll be missed i wish you all the best thank you. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good afternoon, commissioners i know you'll be surprised about me i never speak that's why she'll be surprised i thank you for the opportunity. >> your name. >> rosa the accounting supervisor for ocii
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so want to take the time and thank you for taking the challenge and leading ocii or redevelopment solution it was a hard time and time of hard decisions and very so many i've known and through her strong leadership you made it through i went through the resolution so i can is how hard it is and for her position it is probably ten times or one hundred times harder thank you for being there during the turbulent times and your strong leadership brought this agency to flourishing and the agency focusing on comforting the community and thank you for that and god bless you. >> thank you. >> i get to speak pubically i
11:28 am
like to do that but basically for ms. bohe an honor mostly our people and staff as i as a historian i had to come up with eyeing on the cake i was here when you had the transition to ocii in my 10 year history you have such a good history of it so don't feel bad although i'd like to interview you have so many history in 10 years my memoirs was a 10 year review and the only one that sat close to you was the governor and this is part of my interviews with the redevelopment agency so to historical i'm just tickled back
11:29 am
right now but so glad to be here and if this means mo' magic as an advocate on redevelopment agency mr. morales can testify to that i have to say you and fred blackwell have been the ones that i deal with in the capacity with our community so i do this more information so if that means anything i'm here to say that again and good luck to you and you're going to be in the city; right? >> right. >> thank you. >> cheter with the community programs in the bay area and ms. bohe i've not met you but heard a lot but it is extremely
11:30 am
positive as a federal developer i developed was the developer that dealt you, you should be a higher level san francisco is blessed to have you, your sound-proofed the organization and what it takes to run a massive program like this it amazing i hope you'll continue to advise them they need our help and the community even though a lot of people don't know about you, they be respect what you have i'm hoping this body will have a way of putting your face out there you know you don't need a statute you don't need to have some big thing but need to have something when we talk about that 20 years if now your name comes up and oh, yeah.
11:31 am
i know who she is and what she did good luck in you're next endeavor we may run into each other thank you. >> director bohe i'm the manager of the planning and design at the investment and infrastructure tiffany i'd like to say thank you for being a role model and i know i'm saying this on behalf of everyone on staff and particularly the preparation of the planning section but from a personal stand point i've phone number known you for many years and knew you when you arrived and an assistant park ranger you were smart from on
11:32 am
your work and when i saw how hard of a worker at the mayor's office the living testimony you provide to us of the fruits of commitment, of just pushing things through just making sure that everything is done correctly and i just echoing what was said about they're being to balance the focus on the details but also to balance the big picture i think this is something we all appreciate that we're all learn from when at first, you leave that is a sad thing for us but had to be said i think we'll keep you as an idea that's what i mean of a role model and in the future when we come up against something different what would
11:33 am
tiffany 0 bohe do. >> (clapping.) >> good afternoon, commissioners director bohe. >> enabling contract our. >> tiffany and i go way back and worked in mission bay back will 1999 i a.d. mirrors you then when i come through the years to recognize sometimes, people have opportunities and watch them go by. >> but tiffany was one of the people you know you learned as much as you could and continued to learn when you went over to you know
11:34 am
work at the mayor's office of economic workforce development you know, i knew something good was going to happen you come back to the agency that was a difficult time and personally thank you for your support. >> wow. >> (laughter). >> so, now thank you for your support personally i want the community to know the commission will push that envelope to make sure the folks in the city have access to housing, jobs, professional construction contracts and this city you know is an
11:35 am
economic has economic challenges i want to thank you for being here you've been here for us i get to watch you as a black filipino shine and continue to shine and we've had our conversation you'll do well and help to continue to push the envelope making sure that it is inclusive thank you actively just. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> any other speakers. >> madam chair. >> may i. >> absolutely. >> well, i'll follow-up on a few of the comments made i'm one of the few agency directors in my time and i know that you know each one had to face many challenges and significant ones major projects, protests and
11:36 am
things that i'm sure have continued to haunt them and continued to effect them in some way i believe that nothing compares to the experience that tiffany has gone through that is beyond imagination to think that we as an agency would be dissolved at the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 and that we would come this far in rebuilding i want to remind people those who lived here and worked about the struggles of those that first year tiffany was the director not something we brought but dealt with but we went into this period of uncertainty a period where we became a city we were like a de facto to city department and had
11:37 am
a situation we had to deal with a tremendous loss of funds and staff just the pain that tiffany went through and the staff went through to get through that period and then all the contracts that we had to both catalog and the process of trying to define what projects would survive we worked tiffany worked very hard to in a creative way to expand what projects we were allowed to do unlike any other former redevelopment agency in the state this agency through her leadership was allowed to continue many of the major projects she had to deal with concerns and questions from the community
11:38 am
and exceptions reinforcement promised a lot of things in the dissolved state no longer able to perform to deliver some thought it would never deliver that maybe more difficult a period of time no commission and then a new commission and you pointed out madam chair rosales a learning experience with commissioners and directors tiffany throughout this project took the job to a new level allowed us to maintain our position of strength as an agency that can get things done and make projects succeed and one of the harder things that to rebuild starting almost if scratch throwing out the play
11:39 am
book and basically rebuild an organization to that the where we can and have been for the past several years delivering projects on time and in a meaningful way that helps the community and so you know, i think when the story of redevelopment and successor agencies it told tiffany's role will be a significant and prominent if not the most important one in maintaining those special powers of redevelopment the powers to fund projects to approve projects, to respond to the community, and for that besides the fact she kept me on i'm eternally grateful. >> thank you, jim. >> (clapping.) >> these have been some pretty
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powerful word i've mentioned earlier meeting of some days ago i've gone through 14 contributions with the city i don't remember this much love in my one of those transitioned so speaks the world about you tiffany so thank you now we need a motion this is an action item. >> so is that possible to have a co-motion amongst all the commissioners. >> so it's been made and seconded by everyone pretty much with the commissions permission i'll ask our commission. >> yes. thank you. >> commission secretary.
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>> extraordinarily commissioner pimentel commissioner bustos is absent commissioner singh commissioner moore. >> madam chair rosales. >> madam chair the vote is i's and one absent. >> the resolution happens thank you tiffany. >> (clapping.) >> okay. >> couple of other items next item is public comment call the the next order of business on non-agenda items any speaker card. >> i have one. >> i also have a speaker card of - i don't know anyone that wants to speak. >> oscar james. >> seniority is that what you
11:42 am
said. >> he's the old it. >> (laughter). >> oscar james again, i was kind of upset he heard that the agenda was closed i didn't get agenda yesterday from staff and i understood what was going on i know this meeting was supposed to be held in hunters point i have a lot of community that was getting ready to come out i had to turn around and call sunday and yesterday and this morning to let them know we're unable to have the meeting there you know i'm still touched by you tiffany leaving this last agenda from the last program like i said you are a jewel i don't know not showing who will replace you and that's a big
11:43 am
concern to me because it will be hard to fill our shoes but i would like to get our information where you're going to be and like to hope you be in contact with whoever becomes the director here i'd like for it to be jim morales (laughter) or he's been a history of the thought various communities and what the agency stands and a has been about and will be about that's a plug for you jimmy just hope. >> they'll put someone with his status someone we can trust again, we love you in bayview hunters point and whatever i can
11:44 am
do to help you don't hesitate to give me a call you'll truly be missed i'm glad the people's came out and supported and spoke to you i know the commission had the highest respect for you but it is good to know people were out in the world has terrific respect for you and with gods blessing thank you. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> fantastic get to talk this many times and expression is up and everybody is happy this is the regular part of meeting; right? >> yes. >> and gave all any accolades i have the same sentiments keep up the shoes but whoever will be jim morales knows where the skills are at anyone that is on
11:45 am
new will be like mr. ma again - speaking of eras this is appalling and scary all - i can, give advise with the supplemental have to each out to the younger generations the only thing is people like yourselves and others look at what you've done to history and carry on from there as someone mentioned hope this is mentioned in the books in my books and therefore try to continue it on but i have a minute and a half here like to
11:46 am
extend any expertise any way to help out to capture those moments i'll take pictures anyway are you going to plan on taking pictures sure okay. i have one minute and 20 seconds left obviously the business concerns you've gone a wonderful jobs and kept me i'll and for the record i met with ms. bohe from the redevelopment to ocii he was like a bulldog ready to come on to redevelopment but said i'll help out and she did my requests to have the redevelopment come out to the fillmore i had a meeting with bohe and ready to do it and up from upstairs queen bee london
11:47 am
breed you've done a wonderful job and want to know if this agency will continue on your good works and work with the addition the deal we've talked about every district and every area of the western edition so after ms. bohe who seats in the seat we'll talk about the financial seat ace on the case congratulations thank you chester one concern ace brought it up ace you did well the realty it will be very important that as commissioners you do look at who will be taking her place because i think if you're going to look at having days of
11:48 am
negativeism and other things against you in your decisions you, you may want to look at someone that can take they are item let tiffany has item let you i'll leave it at that i think the community will hopefully, will not react from a go negative view on that thank you. >> do we have any other cards. >> no other cards. >> i have a card the individual couldn't come he's the mayor the city (laughter). >> and so he's busy but his office issued a proclamation and since none from the mayor's
11:49 am
office is available to do this i agreed to do this and so lemon read into the record a proclamation of the city and county of san francisco the whereas the city and county of san francisco traditionally roekdz the achievements of notable individuals to tiffany for her extremely 17 year service for the residents and community and whereas in 2011 tiffany was unanimously pounded and executive director to the redevelopment agency for the city and county of san francisco she's the first woman of african-american and filipino heritage to head the agency and whereas the transitioned to the investment and infrastructure in 2012 this demanding and con in front of transition was she wanted heeptd by ms. bohe for the sustainable development is reflected in her 17 years in the
11:50 am
capacity of the the development stratus and with the manager as the redevelopment and with the office of economic workforce development as a project director and final as director of ocii and wrasz throughout her tenuous how far compassion and a vision awhile pursuing the ocii mission of the economic and physical development in many of san francisco most important communities and whereas many boo is commitment is with the preservation of many important programs and throughout her career and whereas as her leadership ocii has a determination by the state of california that ocii has an impossible obligation to pursue the completion of the projects
11:51 am
and whereas she's a dedicate public leader and guardian of the public and her department of knowledge of economic development and dedication to the wellness has served her well and made her highly not amongst her colleagues therefore, be it resolved that i mayor edwin lee mayor in the city and county of san francisco in recognition of her 17 years of service and wishing her autumn the best in her future endeavors declare tuesday, january 17, 2017, as tiffany bohe day in san francisco >> (clapping.) >> does that mean free parking. >> (laughter). >> you do get free parking. >> as a commitment of our mayor, i think we have a little bit of business please call the
11:52 am
next item. >> the next order of business. >> madam chair. >> no report. >> next is commissioners questions and matters madam chair. >> does any commissioner have a question to bring up this is your last opportunity. >> yes or no. >> did we skip number 7. >> we just did that so you have a question or matter. >> no, i don't. >> okay please call the next item. >> the next order of business closed session. >> so i will call the closed session pursuant to the government code subsection b-1 the commission will convene regarding the appointment of an intern executive director i need to request all the members of
11:53 am
the public and staff at this time to please leave the >> hi. >> i called them. >> yes. >> okay. thank you. >> that's great, thank you. >> okay the commission is convened in open session at 5:11 p.m. >> can you please call item number 11. >> the next order of business item 11 report if any on closed
11:54 am
session. >> i'm deferring to commissioner singh who has a motion. >> i move we should hire nadia an interim decoration and commissioner singh or commissioner mondejar would you last week to read the proposed resolution. >> yeah. >> whereas the successor agency of the implementation agency of the city and county of san francisco commonly known as the office of investment and infrastructure desired to appoint nadia as an interim executive director now therefore, be it resolved the successor agency of the agency of the city and county of san francisco appoint nadia to the position of interim director of the agency
11:55 am
effective. >> january 24th. >> 2015 and foofrpt authors the agency and manager in communication with the general council to take all the necessary steps consistent with applicant law and policy to complete the appointment of her as the interim executive director. >> that's the proposed resolution there is a motion and a second counsel do we need to take any public comment. >> you've taken the action but certainly do it again in open session. >> okay. so please call the roll. >> commissioners, please respond when i call your name. commissioner pimentel
11:56 am
commissioner bustos absent commissioner singh commissioner mondejar madam chair rosales madam chair the vote is 4 i's and one absent the resolution as executive director is approved. >> congratulations. >> (clapping.) >> very momentous day yes. >> the next order of business item 12 joint. >> yes. the meeting adjoined at
11:57 am
>> if you frequently travel before i van ness i might be surprised van ness will goodwill go the first transit corridor to have brt as more frequently known the goal to get conveniently van ness and geary boulevard one of the most reliable transit systems in the country van ness avenue is a major connecter between potrero hill and mission on the south side of san francisco correcting connecting us to the marina and state highway in the financial with the western edition neighborhood it is mostly residential a lot of the geography of van ness the rain that is wide it was uses is a firebreak in the
11:58 am
1906 san francisco earthquake a lot of building occasion that helped of hoped to stop the fire from jumping van ness had a light rail or sprash separating and along geary 0 when we came to the question of how to address the needs on haven because of its cost effectiveness we have found in the brt system with the new vehicles. >> the new mr. secretary is a change we will actually have transit in the middle ♪ the far legal unit and a broadly prom >> one of the reasons it is in the center a was it is an clouf right-of-way a set of pedestrians will cross from the sidewalk to the middle of the street a. >> to move the reliable along the corridor with this travel
11:59 am
time had been signifying reduced we think the ripped will go from 16 thousand a day in that portion the corridor up to 22 thousand and we'll have those beautiful new one like this one. >> with the dedication of the signal and lighter saying that between stops we were able to estimate a .32 improvement in travel time and a 50 percent reliability improvement as a result. >> we're pitting u putting in a up to date modern system of new thirty foot high light fixtures and pedestrian lights on the same pole again inviting a comfortable environment for pedestrians. >> it has become a 3 dimensional street project. >> the water that is my understanding under the ground and the emergency firefighting
12:00 pm
water system month will be replaced and new street lights and traffic lights and the paving and stripping the trees both in the medium and on the side. >> the main core of the project goes from market it lombard that's where we'll be replying the sidewalks. >> there are a number of trees that need to be replaced >> sorry i'm turning your microphone on. >> commissioner president james


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